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Cash on The Spot!

We Pay Cash for Junk Cars in the Atlanta Area and Beyond

We pay cash for junk cars in the Atlanta area.   We buy junk cars in just about any condition as long as it has some value in it.  Even if your car is too damaged to be repaired or the parts you need are too expensive to replace we may still be able to buy it. We will come out with a flatbed tow truck and cash in hand ready to make a deal to buy your car.

cash for old school car in Atlanta

His apartment complex put a sticker on his junk car to have it towed away!

Cash for 2002 Isuzu Rodeo in Atlanta

Paid cash for this 2002 Isuzu Rodeo in Atlanta

Cash for Cars

When your ready to sell your junk car you want fast guaranteed cash on the spot.  You don’t want a check that might bounce.  You don’t want to hear how someone is going to have the money next week when they get paid.  You don’t want to trade a motorcycle or a cell phone for you car.  You want cash in hand on a certain date with no excuses.  Thats exactly what happens at ATL Junk Cars.  We pay cash for cars on the spot.  No excuses, no trades and definitely no checks.  We’ll show up at a time and date that is convenient for you and pay you cash in hand on the spot before we remove your car.  If your in  the situation where you need a car gone ASAP and you also need the cash, don’t worry just call ATL Junk Cars.

Her car broke down in Atlanta right before a long road trip

junk car removal in Atlanta

junk car removal in Atlanta

This young lady’s car barely made it to the auto parts store.  Her engine was making funny noises and she thought some new oil might fix the problem. It didn’t help at all after buying the oil she walked outside and turned the key and the car wouldn’t even crank up anymore.  She was just about to try to drive that clunker across the country back to her home town.  If that car would have broken down after she left she would have had to call a tow truck to pick her and her car up with all her luggage in it off the highway somewhere along the way and she would have had to spend a few hundred dollars in towing and hotel fees.  So luckily it broke down when it did and she was able to sell her junk car for cash before she left so she kinda came out on top.

An Atlanta apartment complex was going to tow her junk car away

cash for 2006 pontiac grand prix in Atlanta

Paid cash for 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix in Atlanta

Her parents gave her this car years ago when she started college in Atlanta.  It’s been taking her wherever she needed to go for the past six years and is having a few minor problems.  Fortunately with finishing college comes a chance to go to work to make some money.  With that money she decided to get rid of her old car and buy a new one.  She didn’t run the car into the ground.  She did her regular maintenance and didn’t have any accidents except when someone else ran into her side view mirror on tore it off.  Since she bought a new car her registration expired and her apartment complex said she had to have it removed from the property or they would do it for her.  She gave us a call and we came out and paid her cash in hand for her not so junk car.

Junk Car Removal in Atlanta

We remove junk cars from the entire Metro Atlanta area.  We provide same day service when needed.  If you have an emergency like a car in an apartment complex where the leasing office is threatening to tow it away because of expired tags or flat tires.  Or maybe your car is wrecked and already at the tow yard and your being charged storage by the day and need to sell it fast.  Or for any reason under the sun.  Just give us a call if your in need of junk car removal we’ll come out in a flat bed tow truck give you cash in hand and tow it away for free.

Cash for your Car in a difficult situation 

A young man calls and says he’s stranded on the side of interstate 20 on the west side of Atlanta near the Joseph E. Lowry exit and he needs to sell his car right away. This sounds like an emergency right? Our thoughts exactly. The problem is we had an appointment with a lady in Decatur. So, instead of going to buy the car from the lady in Decatur who’s just waiting in the comfort of her own house, I just gave her a quick call and asked if we could reschedule so I could get to the other customer. She said it was fine so I jumped on interstate 20 to save the day! When I got there it was rush hour and traffic was continuously buzzing by so we had to push the car by hand about 150 to 200 feet to the exit ramp, so that I could fit my tow truck in front of it comfortably. I finally was able to safely load up the car and paid him the cash and was on my way to Decatur. Another happy customer.

Paid Cash for a wrecked 2013 Honda CR-V in Atlanta

wrecked 2013 Honda CR-V in Atlanta for Junk

wrecked 2013 Honda CR-V in Atlanta

 When I walked into the collision center and met the owner of this vehicle I could tell she wasn’t happy at all.  Who would be after just paying off a car and wrecking it a month later.  The really bad thing about it was as soon as she paid it off she changed her insurance to liability and wrecked it so bad the collision centers’ repair estimate was $11,000.  That’s like paying for a car twice.  Obviously she wasn’t going to pay for the repair so she decided to sell her junk car for cash.  She didn’t smile the whole time I was there, until I paid her of course.

Who buys junk cars in Atlanta

I have an old car sitting in my driveway that doesn’t run.  I tried to offer it to my nephew who’s 20 years old and rides Marta but he told me he’d take it if I get it fixed.  But that’s the whole point, Im giving it away because its in disrepair and I don’t want to get it fixed.  I guess even a 20 year old has enough sense not to waste their money on this piece of junk.  So here I am with the junk car in my driveway and I can’t get rid of it.  Well I live in nice neighbor hood in north west Atlanta and we have a neighborhood association that does not allow junk cars on the property so I have until this weekend to find a better home for the car.  I guess Im gonna have to pay somebody to come remove this junk car from my property.  If I knew of someone who buys junk cars I would have them come out right now and give me whatever for it.  Maybe I’ll do some research online before I resort to paying some one to come out and remove it.

Cash doesn’t replace the sentimental value of a junk car

junking cars in the Atlanta area

Bought this car in Atlanta from an Older Lady who had it sitting in her barn for about 15 years without touching it.  It belonged to her son who died and she couldn’t bring herself to sell it because of the sentimental value.  She was finally prompted sell it for a little cash because the county was making her tear down the barn and her family encouraged her to take this opportunity to get rid of the car.  She asked her daughter to find a company who pays cash for cars in Atlanta and she found us.  We came out and gently removed the car from the barn per her instruction and drove it off from the property after hearing all about her son and seeing a few tears.

Can I actually get Money for a Junk Car?

It seems like I should be paying someone to come get this piece of junk that my husbands who just passed away left in the backyard for the past 20 years.  He kept saying it was a good van and they don’t make em like this anymore.  He was convinced that he was gonna fix it and put it back on the road so he could drive it around town on the weekends like we did when we first got married.  At one time about 7 years ago I thought he had it figured out cause I heard it crank up and run for a couple minutes before I heard a rough sounding sputter and then it cut off and wouldn’t start back up.  That was the last time I saw him working on it.  Now its such an old vehicle I don’t know who would want it.  Not even an old guy like him would give me money for this thing.  But I but there’s some guys who recycle old rusty heavy slabs of metal like this.  I guess I better look in the phone book for somebody who gives money for junk cars.  Maybe they’ll find it in their heart to help an old lady out.

He wanted more money for his old car because of the rims.

removing a 95 accord for cash

Junk Car Buyer Near Me

I want to sell my car to a junk car buyer near me.  For one I feel more comfortable doing business with someone in my area.  I feel more acquainted with them and I believe they have a stake in the people and institutions in my area.  I also want to do business with local business’s because I like my neighborhood and the area I live in and I want to support the business’s here to keep my tax dollars in my area.  When you keep your tax dollars in your area you have a better chance of improving the streets, side walks, parks and schools etc.  In turn all these well kept local assets help keep my property value up and I might want to sell my house one day.  So again I want to sell my junk car to a buyer near me.

Sometimes we put money into junk cars to bring them back to life.

money for a 05 lexus gs430

You never know what you can find in a junkyard

old junkyard truck stranded for sell

Yeah, this is a pretty terrible vehicle to have.  Luckily were here to help you remove that old ugly vehicle that you don’t want to even think about.

We love to buy classic cars.  Check out this 1980 Mercedes 300 SD

It has a diesel engine

classic 1980 Mercedes 300 SD

Car Buyer

Is their someone who will buy random cars and buy them quickly.  Cause my car just broke down on the side of the road and I don’t have the money to tow it.  Even if I did I wouldn’t even want to tow it.  I really want to just get a ride out of here and never see this car again.  But if I can get some cash for it that would definitely be worth seeing it again.  I need a car buyer in the Atlanta area.  A car buyer who can also tow this car away cause its definitely not moving on its own power.

Were buying cars like these

Wrecked 03 Honda Accord

Wrecked 03 Honda Accord in my junkyard

in the Atlanta Metro Area

We buy cars that are not running like this one

Old school Camaro

Old school Camaro

Oil was pouring out of the bottom of this car.  We bought this one from a College kid in North Atlanta.  He’s driving a motorcycle now.

Where can I Sell my Junk Car

A lot of people ask the question “where can I sell my junk car?“.  Their are a lot of places to sell a junk car.  You’ve heard of all the sites where you can sell just about anything under the sun.  But a lot of people don’t want to go that route because a lot of crazy things that can happen when you try to make a cash deal with the general public.  Most people would rather deal with a reputable company who has a certain level of professionalism and customer service that will make you feel comfortable and confident about making a cash deal for your car.


We buy cars with minor problems like this

Check Engine

We have a problem

If your car is ready to go and your too lazy to sell it yourself.  We’ll come to your rescue with cash in hand.  I buy all kinds of cars but hopefully your car is not too bad off.  I don’t want to buy burned up cars or cars with no engines or transmissions.  We like cars that we can perform the highest level of recycling on which is re-use.  We want to re-use your car in some kind of way whether its using it for parts or fixing it and reselling it.  We pretty much travel around the Atlanta Metro Area but we will venture farther out if your car is worth a little money.

Its time to get rid of that Junk car today

You love that car and you’ve had it since you were in your early 20’s.  You went through a lot with it early jobs and relationships.  It was your moving truck when you couldn’t afford one.  Most people can’t understand why you kept it so long but here it is still in the driveway but the only difference is you can’t move anything with it, because it won’t move.  And you know your not gonna get it fixed its just the idea of that mean tow truck coming to pick it up to drag it to the junk yard where it’ll be picked at by strangers and abused by machinery.  Those machines don’t know your car.  They don’t know that they need to be careful with the handles and knobs and they don’t care either.  There just gonna pick it up and drop it and smash it and crush it into little pieces until its finally dead.  And they’re not gonna give you the opportunity to give a eulogy.  C’mon people its time.  Let it go.

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