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Car Buyer

I need to find a local junk car buyer.  Im driving this expensive car because its supposed to be of higher quality.  What quality everything goes out on after the other.  Im always in the shop.  And these shops, the european repair shops are as expensive as the cars.  These guys must be making some serious money here.  People come in here with old BMW’s and spend a couple thousand on repairs.  This lady told me she bought a gas cap for $95.

Ok, Its been two days and I can’t find anybody to buy my junk car.  I thought people look for these kind of cars on Craigslist.  Everybody on here is like a professional low baller.  I set my price at $600 which I thought was perfectly reasonable and these people are offering me around 100 bucks.  $125 was the highest offer so far and he started out at $50.  Stuff like that makes me think people are just playing with me.  Or am I pricing my car too high.  I know its junk but it still has some good parts on it.  If I’m gonna take $125 for my car I might as well call one of those junk car companies and get it removed by a professional and not some random person on CL.


Ok, let me continue my story, I finally found some real buyers of junk cars.  I went online and found a lot of companies who are willing to buy my old vehicle.  They have tow trucks and business licenses and good customer service.  Those creeps on Craigslist could come to my house and rob me.  They might get here and play games with the money or any unexpected thing could happen.  At least with a real company I know these guys do this for a living and they know what there doing and how to deal with people.  And most importantly they have a reputation to protect.   So their willing to be courteous to me when they come out to buy my car.  I cant wait to get this car out of my garage so I can set up my sewing machine and start my taylor business.


Buying junk car, thats what the sign on the truck said.  But that’s not proper english he must be a foreigner.  Actually unlike Donald Trump I really don’t care where he’s from as long as he can remove this ugly car and leave some cash in my hand at the same time.  I hate that my wife is right but what can I say.  The cars been sitting here for almost a year jacked in the air with one tire missing and oil dripping on the driveway.  Im gonna have to get someone to come out and pressure wash this driveway after this cars gone.


Wow, there are so many companies that buy junk cars.  Everybody pays the most.  Everybody can get here the fastest.  Every body has the best service.  This is incredible, it should be easy to sell a broken down car.  But I don’t know which company would really give me the best price.  This companies website looks bootleg, I don’t think they even have money.  Oh, heres one that looks professional.  Nah, on second thought it looks too fake.  They got people on here that look like they just won the lottery or something, they look so happy.  Nobody’s that happy about taking a loss on their car.  Ah this one is nice and simple with real pics of people with money in their hand.


Are their any good people who buy junk cars?  The last guy who came out tried to convince me that my engine was bad.  Now I’m a mechanic mind you, and this guy swore my engine was shot.  Even after it started and ran for a few minutes.  The thing is he tried to pull of with it to test drive it and it wouldn’t move.  He gets out and tells me that I need a new engine.  I said no I don’t.  He said yes you do.  He started telling me how expensive the engine is and said he could only give me $200 for my car.  Its a 2004 Honda accord with 110k miles on it.  The body and interior are really nice looking and this guy says $200.  First of all its my transmission that went out and if he doesn’t know that than he does’t know what he’s talking about.  So either he’s trying to swindle me or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Time to google someone else


This guy claims he’s the best junk car buyer.  The only thing that can make you the best is price and customer service.  The only way he could have the best price is to know what everybody else is paying for every car.  So obviously thats just a little marketing trick.  But I don’t even need the “best” price.  I just want the car gone out of my driveway so we can actually drive into the garage on both sides and not have to park on the street.  These darn teenagers even broke into the car and took the radio.  I know it was them cause we live in a cul de sac and nobody comes on our block but neighbors and teenagers.  Their like a whole group of Dennis the Manace’s.


I need a junk car buyer for my Cadillac.  I’ve had this car since it was made in 2003.  I’ve had two engines put in it, one transmission and some minor body work done to it.  I’ve kept this car up as long as I could but Im tired of this car now.  It used to be my baby but I gotta make some changes in my life starting with this car.  I got to get rid of things that are not benefiting me, and this car is definitely tops on the list right behind my wife and her mother.