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Cash for Cars

These guys pay cash for used cars and haul them away .  Three more cars and my trailer will be full.  I got some nice cars on this load.  I better make some nice money too.  All the way to Texas and Florida and back every week.  I love it.  I have a valid excuse to be away from my wife and getting paid for it at the same time.  I miss my kids tho.  But If I bring em something back with me it makes me feel better about being away so long.  But I know money is no substitute for time but it helps.  Anyway this used car dealer I haul for is paying the bills.

Sometimes its hard to find cash for your car in a tough situation.  I just got this 2003 Ford Explorer.  Just got four new tires and new timing change.  Of course the engine heads blow.  It wouldn’t be right if it didn’t.  I searched for this V8 at all the used parts and junkyards in my area.  I even called the people that pay cash for the junk and old cars and stuff.  Nothing.  So now, I guess if I want to just recover a little of the money I put into this car I’ll have to sell all the parts.  Maybe someone will take pitty on me and just buy the entire car.  Either way Im pissed I just put about $800 into this car all for to go out again!  Damn Fords.

It doesn’t matter the circumstance you can always get cash for your car.  Every time I see a chance for rain in the forecast I get nervous.  My sunroof has been leaking for about a year now, and I don’t know why.  Its even started to leak through the lights near the rear view mirror.  Mix that with the humidity here in Atlanta and you have a complete mildewed disaster.  My car stinks.  Not even shampooing the carpets gets rid of this stinch,  The windows fog from the inside,  Its a total wreck.  I guess I could replace the weather strip, but I don’t want to deal with the mildew smell anymore.  I mean, inhaling this crap cant be healthy right? I wonder how much cash I could get for this car?

All you can do now is sale your car for cash.  I love my dog, but I hate her hair.  She’s always following me to the garage, but I hate when she rides with me.  She sheds horrible all over the black interior in my car.  To make matters worse, she has white hair.  EWW.  Its like it sticks to everything in the car, like the dashboard, the mirrors I mean its really disgusting.  Ive vacuumed and shampooed the interior but nothing.  Just recently, against my better judgement I let her ride and she chewed off my gear shift knob.  The damn part costs $600 to replace.  You gotta be kidding me.  Now I just look at my car as junk, and hell the dog goes everywhere.  I mean what more damage can she do?