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Cash for junk Cars

How do I get an online quote for my junk car?  Im nearly 100 years old and I don’t know anything about this damn internet stuff.  All I know is that my car is broken down and I am not gonna fix it again.  I spent over $1000 fixing this car 2 weeks ago.  My great grandson told me to go on froogle or doogle or something, I don’t know.  I just want to get this oil leaking piece of junk out of my driveway.  I guess I’ll just go onto this internet and noogle some companies that pay cash for junk cars.

Getting a decent amount of cash for your junk car can be very challenging sometimes.  Its a tough situation when your boyfriend goes to jail and all he had was a junk car and the cash in his pocket and you have 2 little kids at home.  Let me explain.  See our car got impounded after running into an electricity pole.  And its basically not worth anything because it has too much damage.  I just saw it this morning and I wouldn’t pay $100 dollars for this car if I was the junk car man.  But this and  food stamps is all we got right now plus my little part time job at Juicy Burger.  I gotta put on a show cause our light, gas and cell phone bills come out to $296 cash and its due tomorrow.  I know these cash for junk cars companies don’t pay much but I hope he’s sees that were really struggling and is nice enough to help us out.

I was about to take the engine out when I stopped and asked my cousin “why don’t you junk your car for cash?”  He’s 20 years old and doesn’t care how the car looks, drives or sounds he just wants to go from A to B.  But I told him he would be better off getting rid of this car instead of spending money to buy an engine paying me to put it in, and then when something else goes bad, doing it all over again.  A 95 Honda Accord isn’t worth all the trouble.  Im think we should call one of those cash for junk cars companies and let them come and get this old car.