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  • How does it work?

    First make sure you have or know where your vehicles ownership documents are. The vehicle title is required for vehicles newer than 12 years. If your vehicle is 12 years or older a title is expected if you have one but if you’ve misplaced it or never received it in the mail than we will accept a vehicle registration in your name. We do not purchase vehicles with liens or vehicles that have pawned titles.

    After you have your documents in order give us a call, text or email with the description of your vehicle. A description is the year make model mileage and whats wrong with the car. Then we feed this information into a supercomputer that spits a price out. Just kidding, we have a number of different ways to assess the value of a car.

    So after you give us the description the next step is the negotiations. Don’t be shy it wouldn’t hurt to let us know how much you want for the car, I’m sure we can make a deal. After that’s out of the way we can set up an appointment to pick up the car. Our schedule is pretty flexible, we even buy on weekends and holidays.

    And of course you receive CASH IN HAND.

  • What kind of junk cars do we buy?

    We buy all complete vehicles. The vehicle must have an engine and transmission.

  • What junk cars do we refuse?

    We don’t buy scrap cars, we buy cars that have value beyond scrap metal.

  • Whats the Fastest Way to get a Car Title?

    For Abandoned Vehicles go to the Abandoned Motor Vehicle Department.

    The fastest way to get your car title is to go to  Georgia Department of Revenue at 4125 Welcome All Rd SW Atlanta 30349. You can get your car title the same day within about 20 minutes with your GA drivers license and $18. If you go to your local Tag Office they will mail you the title within 10 business days.

  • Can I take parts off my junk car?

    We know sometimes people buy new batteries, radios and speakers for their car so we allow those items to be removed if you can do it yourself before we arrive to pickup the vehicle. (Sorry, we don’t remove parts)

    The more parts you take off the less we can pay. If your missing major parts like an engine, transmission or wheels and tires we won’t buy the car at all.

  • My car has been towed. Can you help?

    Of course, we come to the location of where your car is whether its your home a mechanic shop your job a shopping mall side of the highway or a towing yard.

    In the case of the towing yard we have to put part of the purchase price towards the towing and storage fees and you get the rest.