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Needing money for a junk car is putting me in a kind of a desperate situation.  Its hard to save any money these days.  Thats why I’m voting for Sanders we need to raise my wage.  Yeah, I’m at the minimum rate and its not cool down here.  I know it’s not your fault but I need a raise.  I work at a fast food restaurant and its hard work with hardly any appreciation.  I’m in school trying to learn a trade so that I can earn more and it sure would help to have some extra cash at the end of the week.

Who buys junk cars for money .  I don’t want to give my car away but Its just a piece of junk.  Its ugly, it doesn’t run and its old.  Those 3 things make me ashamed of trying to sell this car.  I feel like Im taking advantage of someone if I take money for this thing.  I really just want it out of hear.  Im tired of seeing it parked in my driveway.  I just cut the grass and my house looks nice except for this piece of junk in the driveway.  Somebody please give me some money for this junk car and get it outa hear.


I know my cars got to be worth some good money.  It’s been driving perfectly since I bought it brand new 10 years ago.  I guess I should have had it checked out when I saw it overheat.  I thought it was a small thing but now my engine won’t even start anymore.  But this car looks good, I really took care of it.  It was garage kept and I’ve never been in an accident.  Theirs a lot of companies online who say they buy junk cars but I want to know who pays the most money for junk cars cause I know my car is worth a pretty penny.