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Where is the best place to sell your car for cash?  I hate to sell things especially my Sandy, thats my cars name.  She was passed down to me from my grandmother who hardly ever drove her so when I got her she only had 58,219 miles on her.  Even though she was over 20 years old.  Yep my Chrysler New Yorker was born in 1985.  I learned to drive in her in 2006 and never gave her back.  My grandmother doesn’t drive anymore so she doesn’t need her either.  It still drives good and still has low mileage cause I really only drove her during my college years, I couldn’t afford anything more than free.  But now I’ve been able to put my degree to use and I’m on my 3rd car now.  But Sandy is still in my garage.  She’s a nice relic but I need more space, and she’s getting abused anyway sitting their with random pieces of junk being thrown on her for lack of a better storage system.  She’s over 30 years old now.  I don’t think anybody would want her anymore so I guess I should sell her for junk.

I don’t know what to do mom whats the best way to sell a car?  What your gonna have to do dear is call a dozen different places and get em all to give you quotes.  You take the two highest offers and tell the second highest guy what the highest offer was.  When you tell the lower guy what the higher guy said he might raise his price.  If not sell it to the highest offer and keep the second highest for a backup.  Wow mom, your a real hustler.

I gotta move out of my apartment complex by tomorrow and I don’t want this car anymore so i need to find out the fastest way to sell a car.  It’s not fair that they can just tow my car off the property just cause it’s broke down.  I been payin rent here for a year and a half and I deserve a little time to get things together so I can get my car fixed.  The same car thats been taking me to work all this time so I can afford to pay my rent.  But I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.  At least I can get something out of this car instead of nothing if they tow it.  I’ll just save more money and hurry up and get a new car.

I need to sell my car for some cash right away.  I just found out that Donald Trump used to drive it.  This is horrifying.  I’m actually driving in the same car as that 2 bit money borrowing con artist.  How can he say he’s a conservative when conservative values are supposed to be about balancing the budget not having enormous amounts of debt.  His whole real estate business is based on debt.  He doesn’t own anything never has.  He got a million dollar loan from his own dad.  He really pulled himself up by the bootstrap.  This guy lives in a sea of dirty deals.

Thanks to you I have to sell a broken car.  I had a nice car and I loved driving it but I can’t drive a car that old, 3 years is ridiculous and I saw a new Porsche that I like better than my drop top AMG.  So just like anyone would do when they fall in love with a car.  I bought it.  I know I sound spoiled but I’m not.  My daddy only gave me a $100,000 when I graduated.  Unlike some people like Donald Trump who got a million.  So, yeah I have to sweat it out until I start practicing law at my moms firm.  Anyway to make a long story short.  I let my best friend drive my car while hers was getting painted and she ran into the side of the garage trying to park.  I don’t have time or patience to deal with car repairs.  Especially during this time of year when I have all these graduations, yacht parties a trip to Europe and another to Brazil.  I just don’t have time to have a broken driver side mirror fixed.

When I woke up this morning I never expected to have to sell a junk car today.  My car was running just fine when I parked it last night.  I had planned to get up early and go to the gym this morning.  I woke on time put my gym clothes on drank my green juice and was out the door.  Said goodbye to my dog and 10 minutes later I’m walking right back in the door saying hello again.  The car just sat there making a noise like it was trying to start but just didn’t have enough to turn the engine all the way over.  I’ve done all the regular maintenance and even changed my timing belt and oil on time.  I don’t know what happened I guess it died in it’s sleep.  What a peaceful way to go.

I didn’t know I could sell this junk car for cash.  This car is beyond repair.  It was already running rough before the accident which was a complete catastrophe.  My car rolled over twice down a ditch on a the side of a one lane road.  I guess I should have slowed down since it was raining a little but I was in such a hurry to get to work I wasn’t thinking safety.  I think the only reason I made it out without any injury is because of those reinforced doors.  When the door smashed into the ground it didn’t cave in on me like most cars would have.  But I was surprised when the tow truck driver offered my $100 cash for a 1990 Volvo.  I thought I was gonna have to pay him to remove it.

I just wanted to check my text message real quick, I didn’t think I’d have to sell my truck as junk today.  I was on interstate 20 and my girlfriend was sending me some really nice pictures.  I clicked on em to take a quick look and my eyes stuck to the screen a little too long.  By the time I looked up I was running into the truck in front of me.  Bam, I can’t believe this is happening to me I just paid a speeding ticket last week and I wasn’t gonna get another ticket for at least 2 years now not only a ticket but an accident too.

I think i might sell my used car for cash.  It’s a really nice 1989 Nissan Maxima.  I know what you thinking.  Why would I get rid of a nice car like that.  It’s just time for it to go.  I’ve had it for about 15 years and I’ve repaired everything.  I repaired the engine twice.  The transmission.  The water pump.  I mean you name it Ive fixed it.  I decided to move on and buy a brand new car.  I have my eyes on a 1991 Nissan Maxima with new tires and paint job.  Wish me luck.

I want to sell my vehicle to get some quick cash.  Im broke and the only thing I really have of value is my old car.  I know its sad but thats the situation I’m in.  My babies mother is having money taken out of my check every week for a baby thats not even mine.  Im waiting on the DNA test to come back now.  That woman is really friendly with almost any guy she meets.  I don’t know why I signed that birth certificate.  I should have known better.

Why didn’t you sell your car for cash.  I wouldn’t have donated my car.  I don’t care about a tax right off.  I want some cash in my hand right away if I get rid of my car.  But I guess you wanted to feel like your helping someone else.  All these people do is scrap the car and keep the money when you donate your car to them.  Your only helping the junk car guy make money and getting a very small percentage off your taxes.  Id rather get the money and go pay some bills or something.

Don’t blame me for selling my car.  It was a piece of junk what do you expect me to do.  I know it was our only form of transportation but it is what it is.  I gotta move on from that money pit.  I keep fixing stuff and stuff keeps breaking.  The car is so old all Im gonna do is end up fixing every inch of the car when its all said and done.  So no Im not fixing anything else and its not gonna sit in front of the house forever, in the way.  I not a junk collector.  Im not a hoarder.  I’m a sensible person making a sensible decision.  I have an idea why don’t you fix your car and I can ride with you.