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How does it work?

  • First make sure you have your title.
  • Give us a call, text or email with the description of your vehicle. A description is the year make model mileage and whats wrong with the car.
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Breaking News!  Customer has blown head gasket:  Doesn’t know that we buy junk cars.

“I’m gonna google some junk car companies and see if I can get some cash for my car and start over again”.  Customer bought a 2005 Chevy Impala from a used car dealer and drove it for 2 days when it overheated and stopped running.  “I called the dealer that I bought the car from and he told me to take it to a mechanic and get it checked out.”  Thats when she started getting nervous cause she realized that she was going to have to pay to get it fixed even though she had just bought the car 2 days ago.  “So I took the car to a mom and pop shop around the corner from my house and they said it had a blown head gasket.  I asked how can I have a blown head gasket after driving for only 2 days.  The mechanic said it’s possible but highly unlikely that it just happened in the past 2 days.  So obviously the car was already junk when I bought it.”  The customers says she only has two options.  “I can either get this car fixed or I can just get some cash for my car, get back on Marta and start saving again for another one”.  She says she spent all her tax refund on this junk car so she really only has one option.

Engine goes out:  I need cash for my car now

Let me tell you why I need junk car removal.  I just had an engine put in my 2008 Honda Accord.  I was driving to work when I heard a knocking noise.  I shouted nobody’s home.  The knocking didn’t stop then I realized the knock was coming from under my hood.  I was so pissed that I almost bit my lip. I was screaming and banging on the steering wheel.  I’m lucky the airbags didn’t deploy, I hit the steering wheel so hard.  I just spent $2k on replacing this engine.  Theres no way Im going through this again its time to find a junk car company to come and get this car.

Apartment Complex threatens to tow:  I need a junk car buyer

“I was going to get this car fixed as soon as I could afford it but these jerks in the leasing office had a sticker put on my car that says they are going to tow it away.”  Ms. Johnson is not unlike most people who are having a hard time affording car repairs.  It’s become a growing problem in a city with enough wealth to support a small country.  “I don’t know what to do.  If they tow my car I don’t get anything.  I don’t have anywhere else to store my car while I save money to get it fixed.”  Ms. Johnson says she may have to call a junk car buyer in Alpharetta in order to salvage what she can out of her beloved car.