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  • First make sure you have your title.
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My car stopped in the middle of the street.

This is extremely uncomfortable.  I don’t have any power over my car and all these people are staring at me an honking their horns as if I’m purposely trying to ruin everyones day.  I have plenty of gas in the car.  Uhmm what else does a car need?  The battery is pretty new.  I just had an oil change a few months ago.  Let me see, this sticker says 146,236 miles for next oil change and I’m at 151,213.  Wow thats a pretty big difference.  I don’t think this car is supposed to go that long without an oil change.  Oh great, here comes the tow truck.

Who will buy my wrecked car from the tow yard?

I need to find someone to buy my junk car.  I didn’t see that guy coming up the hill in time.  He must have been coming pretty fast cause my last glance was only a second before the collision and I didn’t see him.  Wow, thats a nice truck 2012 F 150 King Ranch.  Why couldn’t I have left 10 seconds later or earlier.  This was the perfect time for me to collide at this very spot.  Destiny is deep.  I was scheduled to be right here, right now since the beginning of time.  According to the theory of destiny.  But thats for a different website.  I mean that truck was sparkling clean.  But its junk now, and so is my car.  But he seemed to take it a lot harder than me maybe its because I only had a 03 Honda Accord.  Yea that’s probably it.  His tires are worth more than my engine.

 What did those mechanics do to my car?

This car drove me here just fine.  No noises it drove nice and smooth like usual.  I just got the oil changed this morning what the h-e double hockey sticks is going on.  Whoa theres oil all over the ground under the car what did those idiots at the dealership do to my car.  I get my oil changed on time I do all my maintenance and have records to prove it.  Their gonna pay for this one.  My engine wont even try to turn over it sounds like its locked.  They turned my baby into a junk car.