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“Will you come here, pay me the cash and then tow the car away, or how does that work?”

How does it work?

  • First make sure you have your title.
  • Give us a call, text or email with the description of your vehicle. A description is the year make model mileage and whats wrong with the car.
  •  It wouldn’t hurt to let us know how much you want for the car, I’m sure we can make a deal.
  • And of course you receive CASH IN HAND!
  • Then we LOAD N GO!

I know its just a 95 Camry but…..

I was driving to work only one exit away from the Hotel.  And I noticed the gauge on the dash shoot up kinda fast into the red.  I knew what was happening, this was’t the first time my car overheated.  But it will probably be the last time in my possession.  Because like I told my dad, I will not be paying any money to fix this car.  And since I’m the only one working right now he had to respect the way I felt.   Or at least he made me think he took my feelings into consideration.  But anyway long story short we got a newer car a Honda Pilot its nice looking and 13 years newer.  So yeah, I’m happy about the whole situation except for that puny amount of cash that junk car guy gave me for it.  That guy was cheap.  “Cash for cars”, no it should be “change for cars” like dimes and nickels he was too broke for quarters.  But me and my dad would have taken anything just to get it out of here.  Which we did.

Get this junk car out of our driveway

My husband is not a mechanic.  I don’t know why he keeps waisting his time with this ugly car thats been breaking down as soon as he fixes it for the last 2 years.  This is ridiculous, either he has one of the worst cars ever made or he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.  I don’t care either way I want to decorate the yard and porch and it’s cramping my style.  I’ve got to get this trash off the property.  Who can I call to get rid of this junk.

Wow, just wrecked my car that was an expensive text message.

I’m a busy person.  Im responsible for a lot.  My phone rings all day and people need to talk to me.   I’m a good driver never been in an accident.  I didn’t think I would ever take my eyes off the road long enough to lose awareness of the traffic around me.  But that text message ticked me off so bad, I was feverishly typing my response and just forgot that the cars in front of me can stop at anytime and thats exactly what happened.  Now I’m in the market for a company that buys junk cars.

If you live in Duluth GA and need cash for your junk car