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What is a rebuilt title

A rebuilt title is a brand on a title which means the vehicle was once branded as salvaged and has been rebuilt and inspected for safety and can now be put back on the road.

Buying a car with a rebuilt title is a little risky because you basically have to trust the rebuilder and the inspector.  Body work is very expensive when done correctly so I’ve learned after a few experiences with having body work done on my cars.

I bought a wrecked salvaged car from an auction and took it to a body shop to have it rebuilt.  I didn’t see them doing anything scientific, they just eyeballed everything cut and measured some metal body pieces and put it back together.  When they were done it seemed like they were cutting lots of corners to make the job cheaper and save themselves some time so they could get on to the next car.  I don’t think safety was their main concern.

When they were done they gave me a number to an inspector that they often used and they knew he was going to let the small issues go so the car could pass inspection.  I didn’t end up using their inspector because I already knew one myself.  When I took it to my inspector he looked the car over and only found one small issue that prevented it from passing but since I had it fixed in his shop he passed it and I left it there for the repair.

But it was obvious to me that money talks in these situations and if you were to be a consistently paying customer it would be easy to get preferential treatment from everyone involved.