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Where can I sell my car?  I know its still worth good money.  I know my car is not the best looking in the world but its a good car.  Its not running right now but I know its fixable if you know how to work on cars.  Not only that, it’s a Toyota so you know your getting a reliable vehicle.  If I didn’t just buy a new car I would have gotten my car fixed, because it was running fine up until 2 weeks ago when the motor locked up.  Im sure somebody who has parts connections can find the parts cheap and repair it themselves to save money and after its repaired you could probably sell it for at least $3000 cash.  A lot of people used to offer to buy it from me before it broke down.  You don’t even have to take it for emissions because its a 1989 Camry and its too old for emissions.  I know you can give me at least $700 cash for it because its not really junk?

where to sell a junk car